About us

Teacher's Association: GogoSchool

GogoSchool is a teachers' association which was established in 2020 to help the teachers break through the crisis of education caused by Covid 19 throughthe development of various online contents.

Teachers of gogo school commonly have interests in the future education such as education based on artificial intelligence, educational technology, STEAM etc. 

However, from 2023, the teachers agreed with the fact that if there's no future, the education is useless. Therefore, we began the project 'education for sustainability' and the first step was about environment.

My Donut-Peach Project for NZ
(Net Zero Generation)

* "Doughnut economics" is a fair and sustainable economic model that protects the planet's resources while providing essentials for everyone.

** "The Donut-Peach story" is the plot that if you got the once-in-a-millennium Doughnut Peach, you can save the planet from a climate crisis.

My Donut-peach project

My Donut-peach project is an environmental education process based on data literacy. The name donut peach was named after the *Doughnut economics and **the Donut-peach story. 

The project was progressed in 3 stages 'learn, act, expand'.

Students learn about data. For example, Students learn the meaning of the data, the types of data, and the data students need to solve the climate crisis. and It is the step of collecting and analyzing data. Students collect data on power consumption and usage of home appliances in schools and homes, and analyze our home energy consumption report made from the collected data.

Students take action to reduce their energy use. For example, based on the energy use report, students set a list of energy-saving practices and write a practice journal while practicing it in students daily lives. 

Students extend what they have learned and practiced to the outside world. For example, the National Assembly shares students' activities and thoughts to policymakers. It also includes activities to create energy directly using renewable energy generation teaching aids.