[Summer 1 Week - kWh Day] 

How about spending your summer vacation 

for energy conservation? 

(2023. 7. 24. ~ 7. 29.)

Live! [7.24 (Mon) 20:00] Reduce Your Home Energy Usage! 

Energy Engineer's Golden Tips for Reducing Home Energy Usage!

Wondering if there are effective ways to reduce energy consumption in your home? Friends who have been contemplating, pay attention! Dr. Naseonik, an energy engineer working at the Korea Institute of Energy Technology, is said to share practical tips for reducing energy consumption at home that you can easily implement. Tune in to "Let's Go Back to School.com Live!" and stay tuned :) 

[Common Sense] Smart Ways to Save Energy and Money!

If you save on electricity, does it also reduce your bill? 

Save on electricity, and they give your money back? Is it true...? 

Did you know that there's a system in place where, if you reduce your usage by more than 5% compared to the same month over the past 2 years, they give you cashback? For energy savings of less than 10%, they give back 60 won per unit, up to 80 won for less than 20%, and 100 won for up to 30%. If you save 10% on the average summer usage of 400kWh, you can save 3,200 won, and 20% saves you 8,000 won. Considering the reduced consumption, saving 10% on power consumption saves about 3,370 won, and 20% saves a whopping 28,430 won on your electricity bill. KEPCO has improved the system by deducting the cashback amount from the next month's bill instead of giving it back every six months. How about joining the opportunity to save electricity at home and get a refund on your electricity bill at the same time? You can apply for the Energy Cashback through this 

link: https://en-ter.co.kr/ec/main/main.do 

Dotty's Golden Tips for Saving Electricity! 

Simple Electricity Saving Tips from Creator Dotty!

Did you know that energy savings can come from small actions in our daily lives? Creator Dotty is also making an effort to save energy in our daily routines! Let's take a look at Dotty's examples and explore areas where we can save energy in our surroundings. The power of individual actions may seem small, but if all our friends make an effort together, we can save more energy than we think! So, let's embark on a journey together to catch the disappearing energy around us! Let's go!

[Mission] 1 kWh a Day Reduction Challenge!

National Energy Saving Campaign! 

Reduce 1 kWh a Day!

 What are some ways we can cut down 1 kWh in our daily lives? The fact is, even with small actions we can easily achieve a reduction of 1 kWh! How about sharing examples of your daily 1 kWh reduction efforts.

[Quiz Battle] Energy Saving Trivia Quiz

How about testing your knowledge with an energy-saving trivia quiz? 

It's a fun way to review what you've learned about energy conservation!