[Summer 2 Weeks - Experience Day] 

How about experiencing a one-day zero-waste lifestyle 

without single-use items?

(2023. 7. 30. ~ 8. 4.)

Live! [7.31 (Mon) 20:00] A Sustainable Future: Technology and Design Coexisting with Nature

Have you ever heard of a company revolutionizing the fashion industry with recycled paper? Pascal, a CEO operating a company in Spain, creates mannequins from recycled paper to replace plastic mannequins discarded in the fashion industry. Pascal and his wife joined a live broadcast to meet friends from Let's Go to School! They run a company aiming to replace plastic mannequins in the fashion industry with mannequins made from recycled paper. Shall we learn more about a sustainable future and technology and design coexisting with nature with Pascal and his wife? 

[Common Sense] How can we reduce single-use item usage?

Let's do it together! 

Adopting an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

🌳 In today's world, where environmental awareness is on the rise, what are some practical ways to incorporate eco-friendly practices into our daily lives? 📺 Join the amicable host Julian Quintart in an unconventional meeting on Unusual Gathering as we explore real-life cases of environmental pollution, such as plastic contamination. Let's discuss and share eco-friendly lifestyle habits that we can adopt together. ♻️

If everyone were to use only one paper cup per week, what would be the impact?

Each person in the country uses approximately 1.4 paper cups per day, totaling 23 billion cups annually. What if each person were to use only 52 paper cups per year by using one cup per week? You might think that reducing this amount wouldn't make a significant difference. While the impact may seem minimal when viewed in absolute numbers, the eco-friendly actions we practice in our daily lives carry symbolic significance. Let's explore the changes that can occur by reducing the use of disposable paper cups in our surroundings! Shall we take a closer look together?

[MISSION] Tumbler Usage Certification Photo Challenge!

Tumbler Usage Challenge!

A challenge to use tumblers instead of disposable paper cups in our surroundings! Let's make the most of the tumblers we have and contribute to saving the Earth together. Are you up for the challenge?

[Quiz Battle] Quiz on Reducing Single-Use Items

How about checking what you've learned by taking a common sense quiz on reducing single-use items? Let's review the information together.