[Summer Week 3 - Empty Day] 

Learning through Emptying

(2023. 8. 7. ~ 8. 11.)

Live! [8.7 (Mon) 20:00] Mysterious Trash Encyclopedia Game

Did you know that you can learn proper waste sorting through the mysterious trash encyclopedia game? It's amazing that we can make waste separation a game! I'm so excited. Let's explore fun ways to separate waste with MonteNome's Team Leader, Choi Won-seok, who developed the game!

Preparations: Get ready with three types of waste that you throw away the most every day.

Since this live session requires some preparations, everyone, please get ready in advance :)

[Common Sense] Use Less, Empty for the Environment

Use less paper!

Did you know that, on average, the amount of paper used by one person in South Korea is three times higher than the global average?

 Paper is essential for our studies, but how can we use less of it?

Don't use unnecessary electricity!

Electricity is being consumed even when we are not aware of it. 

Just having a device plugged in, even with a small amount, consumes electricity. 

Let's find out how to use electricity only when it's really necessary.

[MISSION] Taking Care of the Refrigerator~

Let's organize the refrigerator and freezer to save energy!

Saving electrical energy not only helps protect the Earth but also reduces our home electricity bills. As mentioned in the video, it's recommended to fill the refrigerator up to 70% or less, while the freezer works most efficiently when fully stocked. Additionally, keeping the refrigerator well-organized reduces the time the door is open, making it more effective in maintaining coolness.

How about organizing the refrigerator together with your family and doing a little cleaning to make the most of the ingredients inside? It's not only good for energy efficiency but also for a more organized and efficient kitchen!

[Quiz Battle] Climate Crisis Trivia Quiz

How about going through a common sense quiz on using less by emptying, checking what you've learned once again?