[Summer Week 4 - Plant Day] 

Living Together on Earth, Biodiversity

(2023. 8. 14. ~ 8. 18.)

Live! [8.14 (Mon) 20:00] 

Why We Should Pay Attention to Climate Change

Why is the world paying attention to climate change? Join us for a discussion with Park Hye-rin, the CEO of domestic environmental energy startup Innomad, as we explore the reasons the world is focusing on climate change and the global trends associated with it. 

Climate change has become a global issue, not limited to Korea, so let's take some time to understand and contemplate climate change from a global perspective!

[Common Sense] Biodiversity for a Healthy Earth

What is biodiversity?

The biodiversity that is essential for a healthy planet! 

Let's explore why it's necessary and how we can sustain it.

Sing along with Biodiversity

Let's make a pledge to protect biodiversity while singing a song.

[MISSION] Create an Endangered Species Poster

Explore endangered animals and create a poster

To preserve the diversity of life, it's crucial to conserve endangered species. Take a look at various endangered animals around us, choose one that you want to raise awareness about, and color it. 

After coloring, do some research on the chosen animal to learn more about it! 

Once you finish coloring, let's share it on Padlet.

[Quiz Battle] Biodiversity Trivia Quiz

How about going through a biodiversity trivia quiz to check what you've learned once again?